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Reporting Exchange Server Mailbox Status

For an organization to grow in this competitive world, it’s highly important to analyze the capability and performance of the current system. Same approach is applied to organizations working in Exchange Server environment. To groom Exchange capabilities and enhance its performance, its mandatory that network administrator of the organization closely monitors the mailbox status of all users. For tens or hundreds of users, the number of mailboxes increases which may touch the maximum stack value of Exchange Server storage. If mailbox folder of each user is tracked it becomes simpler to identify the size of mailboxes as well as the inactive, unused or hidden mailboxes.

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To track mailbox folder of each user in Exchange Servers in a big network is tougher if you choose manual procedure. On the other hand, standard reporting solution like Lepide Exchange Reporter helps you achieve a list of all mailboxes together with their sizes. Using this tool, the administrator can view the details of all mailbox items like sent, received and junk emails, deleted items, journals, notes, tasks, calendar entries, contacts etc. It provides concise reports of every mailbox detail in granular form which becomes understandable to the admin or network professionals.

Benefits of Lepide Exchange Reporter-Mailbox Reporting
  • Produces granular reports on mailboxes of Exchange users
  • Allows administrator to regulate Exchange mailbox size
  • Provides information about the size as well as growth of mailbox folders
  • Provides easy solution to track inactive and hidden mailboxes
  • Ensures better space utilization of Exchange storage by removing unused mailboxes

In real-time business, the inter-process task cannot wait for the mailboxes to be available. If mailboxes are full or corrupted, it makes every important internal as well as external emails pending. To all such scenarios, Lepide Exchange Reporter comes as a rescue that generates instant and accurate reports on each user mailbox covering all essential details. With the help of this tool, administrator can control number of user mailboxes, mailbox sizes and can manage mailbox status of multiple users of an Exchange Server.

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